Thank you for taking out the time to follow and read my blog.

I am super excited to blog about the challenges, rewards, ups, downs, satisfactions and thrills that come with job of being a cake decorator. I reckon that this not new to most of you what with all the television shows that detail the lives of some very talented pastry chefs and cake decorators. However, I do assure you that the experience is different for every decorator. The process of getting a cake from basic ingredients to a master piece is varied across the board. Each cake chronicles its own story which not only changes the pastry chef (as many life experiences do) but most importantly adds a little touch of happiness, joy and beauty to the world. For me the experience is all-encompassing, it is professional yet personal, it is ordinary yet spiritual, it has its messy points (ever baked a cake?…you know this) yet it has the potential to display beauty that is breath taking….I could go on and on and on

If you can’t tell already I love what I do and not just love it ….I love it passionately!!!!! …..I love that I get to work with people under happy, joyous, and celebratory circumstances, not too many jobs offer that rear opportunity. I love that in some small way I am presented with the honor of being a small part of something happy and grand. Irrespective of the occasion… birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, showers….you name it…..a cake is a universal symbol for celebration that adds that touch of beauty, personality and sweetness to the festivities.

The world of cake artistry is exploding right before our eyes, the media, technology, creativity, and personalities have proved this aspect of the culinary arts to be in a special class of its own that has that unique ability to draw and unite people from different works of life. I undoubtedly want to be part of this great “Cake Revolution”.

So here is the deal, the intention is that this blog not only show pictures of my work, give recipes and throw out decorator tips, but that it chronicle the full story and experience associated with each cake, from inspiration to the grand finale, from discussions on flavors to the development of a flavor profile that is a party in the mouth. ….So friends please join me on this wonderful journey. It promises to be not only exciting but very inspirational.

Finally, I would be amiss to say that all this will/has come form me, I have only made it this far because of all the wonderful people who trusted me to bake for them and to you all I say a big big thank you. Each encounter has been a very memorable experience, each cake design placed in a special part of my heart reserved for the cherished friendship and relationship that either started with or resulted in a cake…..Thank you


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